Announcing an important new book

LettersWE are pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of a powerful new collection of essays, Letters to a Broken Church, edited by Janet Fife and Gilo. 

Drawing on the personal experience of survivors of abuse and their allies, this book speaks directly into an existential crisis facing the Church of England and other Christian denominations right now.

Its clear message is that the structures, leadership, practices and culture of the Church must change radically to face up to the historic scale of abuse within the institution, the requirement for transparency and accountability, and the need to make proper reparations to those who have been abused.

Contributors to Letters to a Broken Church include a serving bishop, a well-known columnist and others from public life — but principally people in the shadows whose voices and experience have frequently been pushed aside, marginalised or silenced within the Church.

Here is a powerful, multi-vocal call for action and redress that can no longer be ignored.

Length: approx. 220 pages. Price: £12.99.

The book will be published in July 2019.

DETAILS OF HOW TO PLACE ADVANCE ORDERS WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE SHORTLY.  Sign up for further information using the confidential form here

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